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[Drabble] Russian Roulette

Title: Russian Roulette
Genre: angst
Rating: PG
Pairing: YunJae

Disclaimer: Ain't owning nothing.
Summary: Just a dangerous round of Russian Roulette

A/N: This is the last of my drabbles~ I am happy to have them all posted now 8D
Have fun reading~

Russian Roulette

Take a breath.

Take the gun.

And count to three.

And then- shoot.

Didn’t die? Then I guess that you are lucky.

You did die? Then I shall congratulate you for escaping this Devils’ Circle.

Even if you are in hell now. At least you don’t have to fear dying like we others do.

Every day, every night, we fear death.

But death is so beautiful, isn’t it?

One second you are in horrendous pain and the next- it’s over and you are in bliss.

It’s like taking drugs but the effect of it doesn’t wear out. It stays. Unless you can escape death and come back to life. But that’s ridiculous right?

This games we play every once a month in the organization is to make the people never forget that any second, they could die.

It was the decision of old Master Jung to start playing this games because his men got sloppy and didn’t work well anymore.

In the mafia not working properly means death. Because if you are not careful while killing people you can be the one that gets killed.

It’s easy like that.

Kill or get killed. Really easy.

So because Master Jung didn’t want his men to die he started this kind of games. So that they would be more careful. And now instead of 10 to 20 men dying every month only one does.

This month it’s Russian Roulette again. It’s the most despised game because only five people can take part.

This time it’s Yoochun, Junsu, Jaejoong and even old Masters own son, Jung Yunho, and me, Shim Changmin.

It's a first that Yunho himself joined us. I bet he is pretty scared right now. But that's normal. We all are.

I already had my turn and I didn’t die.

Neither did Junsu and Yoochun.

The person next is Jaejoong and if it’s not him then… It will be Yunho.

I wonder what Jaejoong will do because he and Yunho are a couple. They are not official but I know it.

I have seen the signs.

And heard the noise. Having the room next to Jaejoong's has its positive and negative sides.

Jaejoong is pulling the trigger right now. He really looks nervous and Yunho is pale as if he has seen a ghost. He is fidgeting a lot.

Jaejoong is holding the gun up to his head and –--
A/N: hihihihi 8D

Tags: genre:angst, length: oneshot, pairing: yunjae, rating: pg
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