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The Bestest Friends Ever - YunJae (4/5)

Title: The Bestest Friends ever
Pairing: Yunjae,
Rating: G/PG
Genre: angst, fluff, comedy(?)
Length: Chaptered
(Written in text/chat fic style)

Summary: After 4 years of nothing Jaejoong decides to re-activate the old chatroom they used when they were still 5
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the fic. I wish I would own Changmin though...

A/N: Sorry for the long wait ! Here is the next chapter~ It's not beta read so sorry for all mistakes and such :)


- Izbambiboy has logged in into 'The Bestest Friends Ever' –         10:59pm
Izbambiboy: wow. What a surprise. I am here and nobody else is...

Izbambiboy: I don't even know why Changmin forced me to come online here again...

    - Flawless247 logged in into 'The Bestest Friends Ever' -           11:05 pm
Flawless247: Oh. Hello

Izbambiboy: Hello... Jae.

Flawless247: ….this is awkward. Why are you here?

Izbambiboy: kinda, yes.

Izbambiboy: Changmin said that I should come online. And you?

Flawless247: Junsu did.

Flawless247: I guess this was their idea, huh? I don't know what their motive is but this is just...

Izbambiboy: Well the only person I did not talk to yet was you so I guess that's why they wanted us to meet here?

Flawless247: Could be but... they should have warned us !

Flawless247: this is so totally uncomfortable...

Izbambiboy: it is but

Izbambiboy: it is also nice talking, or well writing with you again... but if you don't want to I can just log out again...

Flawless247: no, please stay.

Flawless247: it does.. feel nice.

Flawless247: I just wish we wouldn't be talking like would be better talking face to face...

Flawless247: but then again I don't know if I could...

Izbambiboy: I know what you mean

Izbambiboy: I don't know if I could do that either. I would most probably

Izbambiboy: well I don't know what I would do but yeah


Flawless247: do you want to know what I would do if I could see you again?

Izbambiboy: what would you do?

Flawless247: most probably break out in tears...

Flawless247: and then just jump you

Flawless247: would it be weird if I did that...?

Flawless247: ….......... you still there? You didn't answer me. It has been already 10 minutes

Flawless247: Yunho?

Flawless247: I guess you don't feel the same... maybe I should just go. Sorry for being honest

Flawless247: ….yunho? Please answer me...

Flawless247: okay fine. I guess I will see you around. Or well mostly not but whatever

Izbambiboy: I would do the same

Flawless247: what?

Izbambiboy: I would do the same. Maybe not jump you but most probably break out in tears

Flawless247: why?

Izbambiboy: do you really have to ask why? Isn't it obvious...?

Flawless247: I just want to know if it is because of what I think it is...

Izbambiboy: it's because I miss you.

Izbambiboy: I miss you so much. Every time I see an article about you my heart hurts because it longs for you

Flawless247: I miss you , too Yunho. So so much. I am really sorry for leaving you behind...

Flawless247: I heard your new song... it is really... it made me cry to be honest

Flawless247: Do you really feel like that?

Izbambiboy: I wish it was like that. You never called me so I don't exactly feel like that. But it would be a lie that I would not feel like that if you did indeed call me.

Izbambiboy: I did try to get over you. But that's understandable because I thought that it was finally over

Izbambiboy: well it is over, right? There is no future for us.

Flawless247: Yunho... I am so sorry I don't even know what to say

Flawless247: I will never forgive myself for hurting you like that..I am so so sorry

Flawless247: and..

Flawless247: It's so weird saying it by using a chatting room. I feel like a loser right now

Flawless247: but anyways. I want you to know something

Flawless247: I never stopped loving you. I still love you. Have you ever listened to my songs? There are so many that I wrote for you. With you in my mind. They are about us. Our love, our pain. I just... I never forgave myself. I don't know how I could be so selfish. I should have stayed by your side, should just have endured it like you and Changmin did. But I guess I was not strong enough for that... I can't say it enough. I am so sorry but I love you. And I probably always will...

Flawless247: You don't have to answer. I just want you to know how I feel. I should better go now...

Flawless247: Good night, Yunnie-ah..

Izbambiboy: I listened to them. To every single one. You can't imagine how much it hurt.

Izbambiboy: you want to talk right?

Flawless247: uhm. Yeah I do.

Izbambiboy: okay

Izbambiboy: 010-4321-XXXX

Izbambiboy: call me

Flawless247: are you sure? I don't know if I will be able to actually get a word out...

Izbambiboy: yes I am and it doesn't matter

Izbambiboy: hearing you breath would already be enough for me

Izbambiboy: so just call me okay? We can talk. It takes too long this way

Flawless247: alright. I will call you Yunnie.

Flawless247: oh sorry. I don't even know if I am allowed to call you like that...

Izbambiboy: it's alright... Boojae

Flawless247: okay ♥ I will call you now. I will log out for it okay?

Izbambiboy: alright. I will wait for your call ♥

Flawless247: I am so excited right now. It has been ages since I heard your voice.
- Flawless247 logged out of 'The Bestest Friends Ever' -

Izbambiboy: Me too

Izbambiboy: my love
- Izbambiboy logged out of 'The Bestest Friends Ever' -

A/N: So... there is still one chapter left, the OT5 one, and then this fic is overr~
Not really. You could say that the chaptered part of it is :)
after that I am planning to turn it into a series and just continue whenever I feel like it xDD
I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading ~
I am already working on the last chapter so it should be up soon :)
Comments are loved <3
Tags: fic: bestest friends ever, genre: fluff, genre:angst, genre:humor, length: chaptered, pairing: yunjae, rating: g/pg
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