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Length: Drabble/ Oneshot(?)

Pairing: JunHwan (Junho x Yoohwan)

Rating: going towards rated R…. ;)

Genre: uhm… you decide ! :D

A/N: Was written very quickly and may include spelling errors, non-sense, gammar mistakes etc. I still wish you fun reading it though 8D


It was a sunny sunday afternoon in Seoul where two loving brothers helped their respective younger and older brother pack their stuff so that the couple could move in together and they would have the house for them alone. Just a joke. Of course they will miss them.. or will they?

Anyways the Park brothers were currently in the Kim household and helped Junsu pack his stuff and put the things he didn’t need anymore into the basement.

Because they had been working from early morning till late afternoon the couple, Yoochun and Junsu, decided to go and fetch the four of them something to eat and also have some quality time together.

Yoohwan and Junho were now alone in Junsus room and searched for other things they could pack.

“Yoohwan look what I found in Junsus stuff- an old playstation with a joystick! Wanna play it together?” Crawling back out of Junsus wardrobe Junho held the said thing in his hands. It was a bit dusty but with a bit of cleaning it might actually work.

“Hyung, I can’t play a thing like that. I have never played it I would just loose~” the younger whined while he placed yet another pile of Junsus clothing into a suitcase.

“Pft. As if that would be a problem. I could just show you how you play with it. Come on help me set it up. It’s gonna take a while until the two lovebirds will come back.” Chuckling the older man goes to the TV station in Junsus room to set the old playstation up.

After a while they are done and, surprisingly, it is actually working!

“Now, Yoohwannie, look closely if you press here you throw a punch, if you press here and here it’s a jump-kick-punch combo and you change directions like this….” Junho is explaining in great detail and showing every move but Yoohwan is just sitting beside him and staring on the screen, trying to comprehend what the f* the older man is doing there. He was never good with games but right now he really doesn’t understand anything.

“Okay. I think that’s all there is to know about it. Now you try it.” Before Yoohwan realises it Junho is already finished with his explanation and has already made room for him to sit infront of the TV.

Awkwardly holding the joystick in his hand Yoohwan tries to play, only to die a few seconds later.

Sighing Junho scoots behind him and hold his hand from behind.

“I will show you how it’s done okay?” The older male says into the youngers ear.

Yoohwan can feel the body heat and his minty breath clearly on his skin. Without realizing it he lets out a shuddering sigh.

Feeling the older male so close to him is sending shivers all through his body and he is staring to feel hot. Very hot.

Ever since he met Junho he had a crush on him but never was brave enough to go and tell him that. And now him being behind him while his hand is holding his own, tightly wrapped around that long object, didn’t help either. He couldn’t help but imagine things. Thing he should never imagine when there is another male pressed closely to his but. Everything but that!

“Are you even listening Yoohwan?” Junho asks softly. He was talking and talking but there was never a reaction from Yoohwan. He noticed how the younger males gaze is fixated on the joystick and their tightly clasped hands.

Leaning forward a bit Junho sees that Yoohwans face has actually gotten quite red. “Are you alright?” he softly asks.

He gets a slight nod but nothing else. He can feel Yoohwan trying to free his hand from under his own but he refuses to give in.

There is silence for a few long, agonizing minutes before Junho start stalking again.

“You know what joysticks always reminded me off?” He asks while softly rubbing the hand under his. He presses his scrotch a bit more to Yoohwans butt.

“It always reminded me of something down there…” His hot breath is ghosting across Yoohwans pale nape, sending shivers down his spine.

Junho thought, why not make use of this situation and make it clear to the younger man that he is interested? Yoohwan could only reject him and nothing more. So why not try it?

And try he did.

At first he thought that Yoohwan wouldn’t react at all but surprisingly he heard a little moan escaping the youngers throat.

Taking that as a signal to continue Junho immediately wraps his arms around the youngers waist, nipping and kissing the bit of skin behind his ear.

“Yoohwan…? How about I show you another game… it includes a bit of a different kind of joysticks… Do you want to play a game?”

The images rushing through Yoohwans mind are too much. He turns his head to Junho, they look into each others eyes for a bit. Lust is clearly visible in both.

And then their lips are locked and the only thing they can think about are they joysticks in their pants……♥♥♥


A/N: Sleepy, tired and my mom sounds as if she is cutting down trees…. OTL

ANYWAYS this was not planned, at all, and I dunno how long this is or if it is even good lmao.

but! it’s the FIRST post of the JunHwan comm here on LJ and I’m happy ~~~~~~

I hope you liked it ! :3 Thank you ~

Tags: genre: fluff, length: oneshot, pairing: junhwan, rating: pg, rating: r
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