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Marry you (eng ver.)

Tittle: Marry you eng ver
Genre: fluff, humor
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble

A/N: hello hello~
This is the English version of a drabble I have written quite some time ago :D considering the mess the fandom is right now I thought that a bit of YunJae would do us all good :)

“I’m bored……” said Jung Yunho with the greasiest grin imaginable on his face when he slowly turned to his boyfriend and lowered himself towards him, hovering just a few centimetre from his face.
“Yunho, no! Forget it! We are in public so don’t even think about it!” Jaejoong rolled his eyes and shoved his face away from his to lie back down on the soft grass and look up in the clear, gorgeous night sky.
The two love-birds were celebrating their fifth anniversary today and planned on letting the day end by stargazing along the Han River before the two still-teens had to go back to their families.
After a few moments of comfortable silence Yunho suddenly bolted right up and gazed upon Jaejoong with shining eyes. A child-like joy was clearly visible in them.
“I have a brilliant idea! Jae, we both don’t want to go home, right? And we both would love to just start living together, right?
Yunho asked with such excitement in his voice that Jaejoong’s curiosity got the best out of him and he followed suit and also sat up to face him. Jaejoong sceptically looked at his boyfriend and to be honest it was never a good sign when Yunho got this excited.
He hesitantly nodded and waited for Yunho to continue just to immediately regret it... More or less.
“Let’s get married!”
He immediately got hit on his head by Jaejoong.
“Idiot! We are both guys and therefore we can’t get married (just now)“. Jaejoong was clearly irritated that his dorky boyfriend bluntly proposed just like that. But his irritation diminished just as quickly and a faint smile along with a pink hue on his cheeks could be seen.
“---- a small wedding with just us would still be possible though….♥”

A/N: PURE FLUFF , ( and a bit of humour lol)
Tags: genre: fluff, genre: humor, length: drabble, rating: pg
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